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About Brooke:

I always wanted to study magic. Even as a child at age 12, I would search for spell books. My family didn't want me to study the art of witchcraft they was scared of what they didn't understand.

Not having support from my family made it very hard for me to learn but I kept trying and now I am one of the best spell casters for my age in casting love spells.

I am High Priestess Diana newest member in her Witches Coven and I am from what we call the right path when it comes to magic, Love Spells is the only kind of spells I can cast but after all I am new too witchcraft and magic.

I refuse to learn the art of black magic only want to use white magic and I want to see what other kinds of white magic spells I can learn how to cast.

When High Priestess Diana found out about me High Priestess Diana contacted me about joining her witches coven.

I was all set and ready to join High Priestess Diana Witches Coven but first she had to test my spell casting ability and find out how gifted I really am at casting love spells, that is when High Priestess Diana found out I could only cast love spells but that was OK with High Priestess Diana because I am really gifted at casting love spells.

I am still learning High Priestess Diana and her spell casters took me under their wings so they could help show me the art of casting different types of spells like for example money spells, health spells, curse removal spells and even custom spells just to name a few different types of spells her spell casters are teaching me.

Please Note:

This listing is only for Brooke to cast a love spell for you, and this listing is for a single love spell casting will take over 24 months to see full results. If you would like to buy her double love spell casting then just pay for this listing twice will take over 20 months to see full results, and if you would like to buy Brooke most powerful triple love spell casting then just pay for this listing 3 times will take over 16 months for you to see full results.

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