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About Ptaysanwee:

I was born in a reservation I was one of over two million who fled the small reservation during an economic depression in the 1990's.

As a child growing up in a region which was subject to much turmoil, I had few possessions beyond those which were passed down by my Gypsy ancestors. Among these was a diary that belonged to my great-grandmother. Within the yellowed pages I discovered the rich history of my lineage, a history that was steeped in the Sorcery and Witchcraft of the Gypsy people.

With the diary as my primary textbook, I perfected the art of Gypsies are renowned fortune-tellers, and I definitely inherited the talents of my ancestors. Perhaps the most fascinating thing to be found in my great-grandmother's diary, however, was a complete method for dealing with the effects of psychic vampire. In Romania, legends of vampires are a part of the popular culture. It was not until I read the diary that I began to understand how myth and reality intersect. I learned that vampires are very real indeed, albeit not in the manner that most people have come to understand them.

Paganism lies at the heart of Lynda's Magical philosophy, but my exposure to our witches coven has enabled me to fuse the modern concepts of Witchcraft with my own knowledge. As a result, I specializes in Spells of Love and Protection. my background has given me a powerful ability to deal with these matters, and my Vampire Spells are truly unique among those who practice Witchcraft.

Another ability that I have is casting herb spells, I am one the best spell caster when in comes to using herbs in our witches coven spells.

Please Note:

This listing is only for Ptaysanwee to cast a herbs spell for you, and this listing is for a single herbs spell casting will take over 24 months to see full results. If you would like to buy her double herbs spell casting then just pay for this listing twice will take over 20 months to see full results, and if you would like to buy Ptaysanwee most powerful triple herbs spell casting then just pay for this listing 3 times will take over 16 months for you to see full results.

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