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An Idea Was Born

Following High Priestess Diana Third Degree Initiation a few years ago,  High Priestess Diana envisioned a Witches Coven whose members would possess various occult specialties. High Priestess Diana vision was realized in the creation of her Witches Coven. The establishment of High Priestess Diana Witches Coven has been a blessing to many individuals in need and has allowed High Priestess Diana and her Witches Coven Members the ability to reach more people than High Priestess Diana  Witches Coven could have done otherwise. Each member of High Priestess Diana  Witches Coven was personally recruited by High Priestess Diana and acts in accordance with her high standards.

Our First Witches Coven Member

Marigold holds the distinction of being the first person selected by High Priestess Diana for participation in her witches coven. This honor was bestowed upon her because of Marigold advanced skill in a very specialized and misunderstood area of Magic the Left Hand Path as well as her experience fixing potions, that is also the reason why Marigold got the nickname potions she can cast many different types of potion spells. From a very young age she developed a fascination for the occult. In particular, Marigold was very interested in the work of using with and black magic. These initial studies helped Marigold to create a unique method of Magical practice which involves many elements that are considered to be dark in nature that she have used in her potion spell castings.

Voodoo Spell Caster

Certain Magical arts demand a very specialized set of skills. African Voodoo spells is one of the arts that  Ashia bring to our witches coven, her knowledge and skill as a Voodoo spell casting expert helps our witches coven with casting even more powerful spells. At the tender age of five, Ashia had the unfortunate experience of losing both of her parents within a calendar year. It is not uncommon for children to be orphaned in Africa however Ashia was fared better than most. she was taken in by a woman who not only gave Ashia a home, but also developed the skills that would make her become a Voodoo spell casting master.

Herbs Spell Caster

Ptaysanwee was born in a reservation she was one of over two million who fled the small reservation during an economic depression in the 1990's. As a child growing up in a region which was subject to much turmoil, Ptaysanwee had few possessions beyond those which were passed down by her Gypsy ancestors. Among these was a diary that belonged to her great-grandmother. Within the yellowed pages Ptaysanwee discovered the rich history of her lineage, a history that was steeped in the Sorcery and Witchcraft of the Gypsy people.With the diary as Ptaysanwee primary textbook, she perfected the art of Gypsies are renowned fortune-tellers, and Ptaysanwee definitely inherited the talents of her ancestors.

Candle Spell Caster

Liniwa is a renowned Traditional Healer and Herbalist. Her work is a mixture of African traditional spiritualism, psychic powers, rituals, native healing, spell casting, all of which are to take care of whatever adversity you may face. Liniwa has love spells for different circumstance. Here are some of the different types of love spells that she can cast for you jealousy spells, crush spells, relationship spells, marriage spells, breakup spells, love spells, lust spells, and much more. Liniwa  can also see into the future and tell you what the future holds for you. Are you oppressed by demonic powers? Liniwa can help you with that. She will perform the necessary rituals that will alleviate that condition and you will be restored and made whole again.

Crystal Spell Caster

Victoria grew up in a family practicing a specialized branch of white (non-harmful) witchcraft. She entered into the craft almost as soon as she could walk and talk, and since the age of 6, it was apparent that Victoria was blessed with an exceptional ability. Even with little training, her spells worked faster and more powerful than some of her elders. As Victoria grew to learn more about the spirit world and how to direct energy, she  was able to finely tune her powers even more so. Now her special love spells quickly manifest results for thousands of people all over the world.

Fairy Spell Caster

Don't be fooled by Hamako youth! She is a talented Medium, and an expert in Fairy Dust Spell Casting and Animal Magic of all kinds. Hamako is a Fairy Queen and in japan her country of origin. Though Fairies are said only to have existed only in legend witch is somewhat true,  Hamako is apart of the of the descent who uses what they called fairy dust spell, this type of magic were forced into hiding for when threatened and defeated by the Sons of Mil. These Fairies were forced to keep their identity a secret for a Millennium, where most assimilated to the ethos of Man.

Magic Spell Caster

Behind every carefully worded Spell or Magical formula there is a scholar. Throughout history there have been numerous individuals who committed their lives to the study of the arcane. Kaitlin is keeping the legacy of these enlightened alive in her role in our witches coven. She is of Irish ancestry. Despite a cultural heritage rich in myth and Magic spell casting was largely self-taught through hours of personal study. A natural academic, she developed a fondness for scholarly work at a very young age which remains to the present day. The other members within our witches coven often seek her assistance in matters which require diligent research.

Mystical Spell Caster

About Elizabeth: Elizabeth is like all of the witches that is in our coven, she is a real witch who can help change your life for the better. Elizabeth is here to offer you spells, counsel, curios and readings that will help guide you to the answers that you are seeking. If you are looking for love, money, protection, change or help with anything on the Earthly planet Elizabeth will use her years of expertise as a witch to assist you. No other witches coven in the world is as accessible as we are. Elizabeth will be your faithful servant always. JUST EMAIL her: You can contact Elizabeth at anytime, to contact her just use our contact us forum – Elizabeth and all of our witches coven members only expert emails, we do not accept phone calls.

Spirit Spell Caster

Zachary was recruited by High Priest Walter, High Priest Walter   wanted Zachary to join His witches coven because High Priest Walter had heard about how gifted Zachary was at casting spirit spells. Zachary is very well gifted in spirit spell casting witch can be used to help with spell binding spells, witch we use spell binding spells to help with love spells and money spells as well as binding a spirit. Binding spells is one of the most hardest types of spells to cast, most be very careful when binding a spirit. Zachary is also gifted in many other areas like for example casting health spells however he is more known for his sprite spell casting, witch is one of our most powerful  type of spells to cast.


Love Spell Caster

Brooke always wanted to study magic. Even as a child at age at 12, she had search the world over for spell books. Her family didn't want Brooke to study the art of witchcraft they was scared of what they didn't understand. Not having the support from her family made it very hard for  Brooke to learn however she kept trying and now she is one of the best spell casters for her age in casting love spells. Brooke is High Priestess Diana newest member in her Witches Coven and she is from what we call the right path when it comes to magic, Love Spell Casting is the only kind of spells Brooke can cast but after all she is new too witchcraft and magic.

Fang Hua

Money Spell Caster

Fang Hua is truly gifted at casting money spells and to help bring others good luck. Fang Hua learned about her gifts at casting money spells as a young child from her grandmother been past down Fang Hua family. She moved to the USA a few years ago and High Priestess Diana learned about Fang Hua ability to cast money spells and once High Priestess Diana had seen for herself how gifted Fang Hua is at casting money spells High Priestess Diana asked her to join High Priestess Diana witches coven. Fang Hua told High Priestess Diana she had never belong to any witches coven before and would give it a try.


Health Spell Caster

Orfalinda family never had much however Orfalinda and her family kept everyone in their village from getting sick. because Orfalinda and her family are healers that is what we would like to call health spell casters. Orfalinda is the 4th generation of healers, no one in her family had ever used black magic or had ever been in any witches coven before. Orfalinda moved to the states a few years ago; word got around how Orfalinda was healing a horse that got hurt on her land, High Priestess Diana just could not believe what she was hearing so High Priestess Diana wanted to see for herself how gifted Orfalinda was at casting health spells.


Curse Removal Spell Caster

Rachel was born in England in the early '70's, Rachel suffered through a traumatic childhood leaving Rachel without her parents. Unbeknownst to Rachel at the time, the torment she felt growing up without a family would be her start down what we refer to as the Left Hand Path when it comes to magic. Though Rachel efforts she learned how to bide her time and become extremely accurate with the scope and precision of the Curses she learned from her studies. Although her early years are shrouded in mystery, she did know that during this time Rachel managed to come across a very old book that holds secrets of the art in which she now excels.


Hes Spell Caster

There have been many spell casters in Claire family however she is the only one who likes to use black magic spells in fact black magic spells is the only kind of magic spells that Claire really likes to use, High Priestess Diana didn't find her; Claire found High Priestess Diana and asked if she could join High Priestess Diana witches coven and Claire said I had heard many great things about High Priestess Diana witches coven. At first, High Priestess Diana wasn't sure if she wanted Claire to because a member of High Priestess Diana witches coven because Claire wasn't like the rest of her spell casters. 


Binding Spell Caster

Lily is a Healer Warren a Spell Caster and psychic who will help you. Are you Interested in Love Spells or Spiritual growth. No need to go to different spell casters as she will Cast powerful Spiritual Spells for you. Email her all your love questions about your problem Lily will help you with much honesty and sympathy. Again this is no coincidence that you are at our spell casting website. Binding spells is all about to bind someone. There are different ways to cast Binding spells on someone. Sometimes these binding spells is forever and sometimes for a specific period such as for specific days, months and even for years.


Good Luck Spell Caster

About Sara, Sara is a professional Spiritual Healer, she can help you with any problem or wish that you might have. Sara has many years of experience in the field of Spell Casting / Spiritual Healing. Over the years She had worked for thousands of clients in more than 50 countries all over the world. Sara services are hugely in demand which is proof of the success she had achieved on a day to day basis. Sara specialize in the following, Good Luck Spells, Success Spells, Job Spells, Career Spells, Lottery spells, Fortune Spells, Wealth Spells, and Money Spells. If nothing had been going the way you want it to, if it seems like too many things or people are in between you and your goals, or if you have several different areas of your life that all need help at the same time, this might be just the spell you have been looking for!


Custom Spell Caster

Jessica learned about her gifts at casting custom spells one night white she was dreaming Jessica kept having the same dreams of witchcraft and magic. So she told her mother about her having the same dreams where she was using spell casting that is when her mother said to Jessica , "I was afraid that this day would come" and let Jessica know the truth about her family history of casting custom spells and let Jessica know that her mother used to be in a witches coven doing custom spell casting work. Jessica was only 16 at the time of her dreams however after a couple of years with her mothers help she learned how to cast many different types of spells can even cast custom spells.


Psychic/Spell Caster

Gabrielle was raised not to believe in magic and casting spells in a small Canadian town. In her teenage years, Gabrielle discovered that she had a natural gift for divination. As one might expect, Gabrielle faced the difficult task of reconciling her skills with her patents having their own beliefs. The result was that Gabrielle developed a keen appreciation of the mystical elements of her magic and came to realize that the universe held far deeper mysteries to explore.

An expert Tarot reader Gabrielle often called upon to offer insight into important Witches Coven decisions. She also contributes her abilities as a medium to our witches coven. 


Spell Caster

Walter is the High Priest of our Witches Coven. High Priest Walter is very gifted in may areas when it comes to casting spells like for example love spells, money spells, health spells, curse removal spells, and hex spells just to name a few, High Priest Walter can even cast custom spells. High Priestess Diana told Walter about her witches coven and ask him to join her witches coven and she said where High Priest Walter can cast very powerful spells she will make him the High Priest of her witches coven, she had also told High Priest Walter they will run her witches coven together.
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